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Mayor Rob Ford Relieved as Mayor of Toronto in Conflict of Interest Case

On Monday November 26, 2012, Mr. Justice Charles T. Hackland of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, in declaring Toronto Mayor Rob Fordӳ seat vacant, ruled that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when he both spoke and participated in a council vote regarding a matter in which he allegedly had a pecuniary interest ie. violated Toronto City Council’s code of conduct by soliciting donations to his football charity using city materials. The enforcement of the operation of Justice Hacklandӳ decision is suspended for 14 days giving time to the City of Toronto to make administrative changes as a result of his decision.

For a copy of the decision please see below:

Rob Ford Decision


What You Need to Know Prior to Purchasing a Franchise

Xavier Navarrete and Glen Perinot

As a litigation lawyer, I would estimate that 70% of the franchise work I do is for franchisees that are experiencing problems in operating a franchise or are experiencing problems with the franchisor’s demands. The tragedy is that clients often come to see me after they have already purchased the franchise and often after their life savings have been depleted trying to operate the franchise. Many of the problems experienced by franchisees that I typically encounter could have been avoided, or could have been spotted with a little due diligence by the franchisee, prior to paying money over to the franchisor. Read more

When Anton Piller Orders Go Wrong!

W. Xavier Navarrete

An Ontario court has ordered an applicant to pay damages for trespass and full indemnity costs for executing Anton Piller Order on the wrong party and at the wrong address.

In October 2008, Justice Hoy of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Multimedia Global Management v. Soroudi, [2008] O.J. No. 4383, ordered an applicant to pay damages for trespass and to pay full indemnity costs to an innocent third party. After obtaining an Anton Piller Order (APO), the applicant executed the APO on a gentleman who happened to have the same name as the target respondent (the innocent man was 65 years old, while the target respondent was 35 years old). The APO was also executed at the wrong address and the applicant seized documents outside the scope of the APO Read more

Microsoft ups ante in battle with pirates

In its fight against piracy Microsoft may win a battle, but it still remains to be seen whether it will win the war.

That is how a couple of industry insiders are reacting to Microsoft Canada Co.’s latest lawsuits against six Ontario system builders for allegedly selling unlicensed copies of their software on computers.

If you ask me whether targeting only six people is just, when hundreds and thousands are doing similar things, I would say no, but targeting people who are engaging in piracy is right. Read more