Navarrete Perinot p.c. is a creative and dynamic law firm offering representation and advice to clients in all of the following areas.

Business Law

  • Incorporations (Federal and Provincial)
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Business Name Searches and Registrations
  • Trade-marks & Copyright
  • Drafting Letters of Intent or Memorandum of Understanding
  • Setting up Partnerships
  • Shareholder/Partnership Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses (share purchase or asset purchase agreements)
  • Business Dissolutions (corporations, partnerships)
  • Commercial Leases (drafting and negotiations)
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Setting up Franchise Businesses and Preparing Franchise Agreements
  • Setting up Joint-Ventures
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Employee Stock Option Agreements

Entertainment Law

  • All Legal Aspects Related to Film and Television Productions
  • Setting up Film and Music Production Companies
  • Talent (Actor, Singer, Musician, Modeling) Agreements
  • Film Financing and Production Issues
  • Producer (Film, Music) Agreements
  • Music Licensing Agreements
  • Writer Option Agreements
  • Copyright Law Issues & Registrations
  • Trade-mark Applications
  • Preparation of Releases
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Distribution Matters
  • Co-Production Agreements
  • Artist-Management Agreements
  • Artist Recording Agreements
  • Director Agreements

Commercial and Insurance Litigation

Our approach to law is client focused, with a view to achieving quick and efficient results for our entrepreneurial and business minded clients. Our lawyers are highly regarded and intelligent professionals who have appeared at all levels of court for trials, appeals, applications, and motions. With a commitment to staying up to date with the latest and most creative legal and technological developments our lawyers are trained and committed to ensuring that your business and professional challenges are met with thoughtful and creative solutions that you will not find elsewhere more information

Franchise Litigation

Our lawyers have helped franchisees in disputes against Canadian and international franchises. We are focused on helping franchisees to remedy the inherent power imbalance in the franchisor-franchisee relationship, whether that involves civil litigation or arbitration, or simply negotiating more favourable terms … more information.
Franchise Business Services

In addition to our franchise litigation services, our lawyers have experience in setting up franchises, including preparing and reviewing the necessary documentation, namely franchise agreements, guarantees and indemnities, leases, software, trade-mark and other technology-related licenses, and general security agreements more information

Intellectual Property

We provide our clients a full range of litigation and registration services for their intellectual property needs including trade-marks, copyright, industrial design, and patents more information

Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury lawyer, Xavier Navarrete, has worked on “both sides of the fence,” having worked as in-house counsel for major insurers and more recently working for injured victims. Xavier now focuses on personally helping people who have been injured by slips and falls, malfunctioning products, medical malpractice and assaults, achieve the maximum recovery more information

Tax Litigation

Let our litigation lawyers assist you with income tax and GST-related litigation in the Tax Court of Canada, federal, and provincial courts more information

Technology Law

We provide a full range of services that assist and support emerging and existing companies seeking to develop, use, and/or exploit technology in one form or another. Our services include assisting clients in drafting and negotiating technology-related agreements and representing them in technology-related litigation more information